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    Tuesday, January 26, 2016   /   by Kristen Turner

    Thoughts for the New Year

    Thoughts for the New Year
    by exitrealty

    2015 was a turbulent year. The polarities in our world have become more extreme, and many of us are caught in an emotional storm, trying to make sense of it all.
    The center line and the homeostatic tendency of life always shift toward harmony and equilibrium. When there is movement away from that center line, an equal and opposite reaction occurs in response. With all the fear and hate in the world, what better opportunity could there be to create the reverse polarity: LOVE!
    Depending on your perspective, you may think the way to make things better is with more or fewer guns, more or fewer troops, the same or different politicians or policies. Unfortunately, those just address the symptoms and are evidence that there is a deeper underlying cause lurking beneath the surface.
    The challenge before us is not one of bad behaviors; it’s a challenge of consciousness and philosophy. Contradictions in these areas lead to destruction ...

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    Friday, August 07, 2015   /   by Dani Blake

    Raising your credit score, one step at a time!

    Reaching Your Goal IS important. Knowing where to start is even more important!!
    If raising your credit score seems impossible, take a step back from the big hairy goal and tackle the beast one step at a time. Or as Mark Twain more effectively
    put it: - "The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small, manageable tasks, and then starting on that first one."  (How Long Does It Really Take to Raise Your Credit Score? By Claire Murdough | July 13, 2011)

    There is no reset button on your credit. What's done is done and, now, it's time to get a copy and check it for accuracy. Is there something on there that you didn't do, like a credit card in YOUR name that's not in YOUR wallet? It is important to routinely check your credit to make sure you haven't been a victim of Identity theft. It is happening more and more often now that we have become more reliant ...

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    Tuesday, July 21, 2015   /   by Dani Blake

    Exit Realty Professionals presents: OPEN HOUSES!!!

    Click here for more information on:
    817 Harvest Green Lane Chesapeake Virginia

    Click here for more information on:
    516 Gilpin Ave Norfolk Virginia

    Click here for more information on:
    1993 Edna Way Virginia beach Virginia

    Click here for more information on:
    3723 Essex Cir Norfolk Virginia

          629 Phoenix Dr #130            1932 Kempsville RD #107
     Virginia Beach VA 23452            Virginia Beach VA 23464
        757-425-6060                              757-962-1284     

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    Friday, July 17, 2015   /   by Dani Blake

    So many Houses, not enough time! Spend your weekend viewing these beautiful homes!!

    2200 Bierce Dr Virginia Beach Va Saturday July 18th from 11-3pm

    Welcome to your DREAM HOME! Not only has the price recently been REDUCED, This home has Tranquil lake views, amazing vaulted ceilings and it is the perfect layout for entertaining that flows right onto the back deck. Need garage space?? You'll love the over sized garage! Come out and let Derek Bray answer all of your questions!

    5830 Chesapeake Chesapeake Blvd Norfolk VA Saturday July 18th from 1-3pm

    Realtor Stacie Banfield would love for you to come by and take a look at this Norfolk home! Let her show you why this 2 story, practically new, home would be an opportunity you can't pass up! It's loated close to the base and just minutes to the interstate. 

    516 Gilpin Ave Norfolk VA Saturday July 18th from 1-4pm

    Do NOT miss the opportunity to see this open house! This BRAND NEW 2000 square foot home is a steal with its granite counters, stainless steal appliances ...

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